1. What should I do if my system is not working correctly?

To schedule an inspection, call Xtreme Heating and Air at 1-877-925-5505 or by clicking the "Contact Us" button on the menu bar to the left. We look forward to servicing you!

2. After my air conditioner runs for a while, ice forms on the pipes coming from the unit and stops cooling. What could be the problem?

More likely than not, this either indicates that the unit is low on refrigerant or low on air flow. You should first replace your filter and let the unit thaw out. If the problem persists, contact Xtreme Heating and Air to schedule a service visit with one of our licensed professionals.

3. How often should I replace my filter?

Xtreme Heating and Air recommends changing your unit's filter monthly. Filters can be purchased at your local home improvement store or by contacting an Xtreme Heating and Air representative.

4. How often should I have my system maintenanced?

We recommend that a home owner have their system(s) maintenanced twice per year - ideally in Spring and Fall. For more information about our Preventive Maintenance Program, please contact our office.

5. What are some advantages to purchasing a maintenance agreement from Xtreme Heating and Air?

* 2 visits per year with a licensed professional to inspect your system
* Emergency service, even during extreme weather!
* Discounts on services and products offered by Xtreme Heating and Air, including new systems!
* For more information about our Preventive Maintenance Program, please contact us at 540-895-5505!

6. How long should I expect a new system to last?

If you have your system regularly maintained by a qualified technician, you should expect an air conditioner to last 12-15 years and a gas furnace to last 20-25 years.

If you have a question or need to schedule an appointment, please email our office using the "Contact Us" tab to the left or by calling us Toll Free 1-877-925-5505!

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