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To our valued home warranty customers

Welcome to Xtreme Heating and Air! We have put together this page to help streamline the process of restoring your heating and air conditioning.

We understand your sense of urgency, so here are the basic steps to how the process goes:

1.  DISPATCH - Once we receive the dispatch from your home warranty company, our office will contact you to schedule an appointment within 24-hours (per our agreement with your home warranty company).

2. SCHEDULING - All appointments are scheduled for a day of service (8am-8pm). Xtreme Heating and Air will make every effort to work around your busy schedule, but it -is- the responsibility of the customer to make themselves available; per the contract you have with your home warranty company. You do not need to be home for the appointment, but we do encourage it and will provide each customer with a 1-hour courtesy call so that you may go about your day and have adequate time to get to the home before the technician arrives. Due to the high volume of calls we receive during extreme weather and the unpredictability of how much repair time the technician will be needed for each system we service, we cannot predict exactly what time the technician will arrive at your home. Rest assured that you will not be forgotten! Our technicians work as late as necessary to service everyone.

3.  THE APPOINTMENT - Once the service technician has arrived at your home, you will receive his or her undivided attention to address your needs an concerns. The average service call takes 30-60 minutes. Please provide our technician(s) the space needed to focus on your system. Our service technician(s) will inform you of any necessary repairs and give you all options to complete them.

4.  FOLLOW-UP - Our completion rate of handling your service needs on the 1st visit is 85%. About 15% of the time, parts or equipment must be ordered and/or provided by your home warranty company. This will cause some delays. We will make every effort to keep you updated along the way. As soon as your parts or equipment arrive at our shop, the office will contact you to schedule and follow-up visit.

5.  REPLACEMENTS - In an effort to reduce costs to your home warranty provider, we will make every effort to REPAIR your system instead of replace it. The average cost to replace a system is $5000-10,000 and if we condemn every unit we come across, we would quickly bankrupt your home warranty company. Xtreme Heating and Air would be happy to assist you with a system upgrade, however, at a discounted rate.

6.  POTENTIAL CALL-BACKS - Out of 100 repairs made, an average of 12 customers will have a repeat failure. Your home warranty must be notified and in these cases, Xtreme Heating and Air will make every effort to have a service technician in your home within 24-hours of receiving the dispatch from your home warranty company. Please keep in mind that during the evenings and weekends, staff is limited and response time may be longer than normal. 



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